Laurence Smith's Curriculum Vitae
Key Expertise
  • Emissions management and trading
  • Computer and mathematical modelling
  • Market modelling
  • Analysis of Risk
  • Forecasting techniques
  • Social network analysis
  • Statistical analysis of data
Laurence has developed computer models, provided new ideas and carried out analysis of complex systems for The Environment Business and Volterra Consulting. Specific work has been done on emergent behaviour from interacting agents, the behaviour of firms in competition for goods and emissions trading. He has co-authored papers on emissions trading, employment and social networks.
Recent Projects
  • Design, creation and analysis of a model to assess the impact of possible incentives for companies to sign up to an emissions trading scheme. Adapting the model to provide results for the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions
  • Modelling possible emissions permit trading schemes to assess their overall characteristics and feasibility and examining the benefits and risks to companies of participation
  • Random matrix analysis of predictability of crime figures and non-linear modelling of trends in crime
  • Creating computer models of social networks and using these to suggest possible causes of unemployment and financial exclusion
  • Development of sales forecasting techniques for a new product from a mobile phone company
  • Use of fuzzy clustering analysis to identify key comparators and competitors for Glasgow, to assist in policy priorities and marketing
Laurence was awarded a first class honours degree in mathematics at Oxford University, finishing July 1999. Included in the degree were sections on Corporate Finance, Decision Mathematics, Abstract Algebra, Probability and Statistics.
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