If you give us your flight details we will arrange a Taxi waiting for you at the airport, called: Radio Taxi 9191, MPT BOX

This company is much cheaper than taking a taxi which is normally standing at the airport, cost per taxi 25-30zl = £5-£6

Polish Money

The Polish currency is called the Zloty (written as "zl" following the amount). There are about 5zl to the pound.

There is a cash point on the left side of arrivals at the airport, which is the easiest way of getting some quick cash. The exchange rate in the airport booth is very poor, it's better to take English notes and change money in the city centre in any 'Kantor'. Cash points are called : 'Bankomat' in Polish.

In many shops and all taxis in Poland cash is the only way to pay for things.

Trams and Buses

Wroclaw has a very good network of trams and buses, which is the easiest and cheapest way of transport. There are 1, 5 or 10-day tickets, which are valid for all the trams and buses, you have to buy the tickets before getting on the tram or bus, as drivers don't sell or check tickets. Those are normally available in 'Kiosk' which are small shops close to many tram or bus stops.

Useful polish words:
Bilet jednodniowy (1-day ticket)
Bilet pieciodniowy (5-day ticket)

To travel to the centre of town from Hotel Bugatti we would recommend taking a tram (numbers 10 and 22). It takes about 25 minutes and may well be quicker than by car / taxi as it avoids much of the traffic. You can see the tram line in front of Hotel Bugatti. If you turn right out of the hotel there is a stop very close. If you turn left out of the hotel and walk over the bridge there is the end of the tram line (so coming back to the hotel you can't go too far wrong).